Hunger could consume lives for months or years if we don’t take action — urgently 

In Africa, food supply chains are unravelling, locusts have ravaged farmer’s fields (the worst in 70 years) and economic shock is pushing millions more into poverty. 

African governments were already stretched thin. Donors countries and charities are overwhelmed by the crisis. 

Which means we are beginning to see hunger unlike anything in our lifetimes. Unless we act quickly enough. 

Help people at risk of acute hunger by donating now.


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It starts with equal access to nutrition. Find out how Thrive for Good is empowering people to grow health and step out of poverty.


Filling bellies isn't enough. Ending poverty depends on fueling thriving lives.

The United Nations expects COVID-19 to double hunger globally, to 265 million people

Already in 2019, 17 million children under five were acutely malnourished; ~130 million people in total. 

Enough emergency food will not be distributed to meet the rising need because no one was prepared for this level of world crisis. 

The World Food Programme has raised the alarm: “We are looking at widespread famines of biblical proportions.” 

The time to act is now.

Together, we can keep the poorest from going hungry

Thrive for Good is an international nutrition charity,  Kenya-based and founded by Canadians in 2004. 

We have specialist agricultural trainers on the ground in Africa who can get communities growing their own food in less than 45 days - sustainably. 

Our goal is to urgently ramp up distribution of seeds, necessary tools — and most importantly — train people to meet the food crisis of their lives. 

Because most of these people have never grown much of anything, let alone enough for their families to survive. 

Thrive for Good has been doing this work for 15 years in some of the poorest parts of Africa. We were created for this purpose. 

Now we just need your help to reach more people, faster.

When medical care is out of reach, nutrition and immunity truly save lives

COVID-19 is opportunistic. In wealthy countries, the poor are harder hit because their diets are poorer. 

But in the poorest countries, most have no hope that medicine will save their lives.

Thrive gets people growing the most nutrient-dense, disease-fighting herbs and vegetables on earth.

In just 45 days, they can produce the leafy greens and herbs rich in vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that build thriving immunity. 

If we start now, we can protect the most vulnerable long before any vaccine is within reach.

The cost of saving each life is so little — but we do need your help

It costs just $15 for us to reach, train and equip one person (usually a head of the family) to grow enough food for a lifetime.

It’s hard to imagine a way we can save lives — even change lives — for less. 

Whatever COVID-19 takes away, self-reliance when it comes to nutrition will be their lifeline. 

But Thrive is more reliant now than ever on individual donors, like you, to keep this urgent work of fighting hunger going. 

Your help is a very real lifeline bringing hope, love and a future to those whose lives are hanging in the balance.

As an essential food security and nutrition charity, we urgently need donations during this crisis

To counter the COVID-19 crisis Thrive is providing:

  • Support to communities that need to start life-saving gardens right now to generate food in 45 days 

  • Food garden programs in the hardest-hit areas — urban slums, remote villages, prisons, orphanages, schools and more 

  • Online training for charities and communities who must learn exactly how to grow their own emergency food supplies urgently

We’re rebuilding local food production urgently because African governments cannot meet the sudden spike in need.

Self-isolation won’t stop us from getting nutrition to those who need it most 

The world must self-isolate, but we must expand our reach. It is a matter of life over death. 

In Africa, our trainers and community outreach partners are still connected with those who need food security desperately. 

We can organize people and mobilize resources across the continent, in hard-to-reach places. Places external relief agencies cannot now readily access. 

Because even while we #stopthespread, the hunger of so many cannot be forgotten.

Will you help us send a message of hope and the seeds of life to those most in need? 

Those who have always lived on the edge of life and death are at risk of being forgotten. 

We need to reach them and let them know they are not forgotten. Let them know we won’t let the poor bear the worst fallout. 

With simple seeds, tools and training, we can send a message that their lives matter. 

That their children’s futures are in our hearts. 

That we will not let them suffer when it’s in our power to hold back the tide of hunger. 

We are all in this together. “Not in the same boat, but in the same water.” 

That water is turbulent for us all. But people who are afloat on boards and cramped lifeboats need to know they will not be left adrift. 

Not when together, we can be their lifeline. 

Your donation lets us get more life saving seeds, supplies and training to those who need it most. 

Thrive and its partners are creating sustainable and lasting change by bringing nutrition and health to people around the world. 


The solution starts with equal access to nutrition. Find out how Thrive for Good is empowering people to grow health and step out of poverty.


COVID-19 is more than a pandemic - for the extreme poor, it’s a humanitarian catastrophe

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Jacob: This is Jacob. “Every single month i use to suffer from malaria. I was very weak, had muscle pain, chills, fever, night sweats, headache, loss of appetite and weight. But after coming to Thrive in 2012 and learning about natural medicine, i have never experienced malaria or allergies again.”

Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a life that was changed. “The health of my family has been changed by learning to make food our medicine. We make our own smoothies, eat raw vegetables and sell surplus, which has enabled us to sustain our living fully. Our garden has also attracted our neighbours, and the healing is spreading to our community!” 

Lydia Awor: Lydia and her family experienced food shortages for the majority of their lives until they learned about Thrive. Now, their days of suffering from severe malnutrition are over. They not only have food to eat everyday, but they have the highest nutrient foods that are allowing them to live healthily.


Stories of lives that were changed... 

Life Garden Beds




1.4 Million


People Benefiting

Partner Communities

Monthly Meals Produced

Value of Food Produced